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VISA application process for China

Updated: Mar 10, 2020

The process to prepare documents for teaching in China goes as follows:

1. Apply for police clearance R114 (takes about 2 to 3 months). So apply well in advance.

2. Mail degree to SAQA for authetication and wait for them to respond for payment and collection. (fees depend on degree and institution and can take 3 weeks or longer). There is an option to pay more to get it out quicker. Not sure if it works, though.

3. Notarise Tefl certificate at Notary Public (fee differs from R50 to R1500, so use one that is not expensive) and appostille it at High Court for free.

4. Take your degree/s, TEFL and Police Clearance to DIRCO to authenticate all documents for work abroad. This is a free service. You can collect documents as soon as the next day. More than 5 documents take 4 working days)

5. A medical exam with passport photo needs to be done for most schools (others might ask you to sign a letter to state you are well) as you will have to get medical exam done again in China.

6. Take all documents, including medical report and copy of each page to Chinese Consulate for authentification of documents for work in China(4 days is free)

[Hopefully you have job offer by now, but if not, don’t panic]

7. Scan all docs including seal on last page and send to your new school with a signed job offer. Most schools require docs to be mailed as per requirement, most tier 1 cities will ask that original documents be posted.

8. Invitation letter can take one week to 2 months. Take passport, invitation letter and passport photos to visa office (The embassy charges R860. The process takes 4 to 6 working days depending on which one you use.)

9. Fetch your visa and make payment at this point.

10. Book flight and enjoy the experience.

Take other passport photos with as you will need them in China.

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